Pirate Costumes

My family and I love Disney Cruises! We have been on many cruises. One of our favorite things on the cruise is the Pirate Night. All the cast members dress as pirates, there are pirate themed games all evening, there’s a huge pirate party on deck with lots of dancing, and characters like Mickey and Goofy come out dressed as pirates. There’s even a firework show at the end. Disney is the only cruise line who does a firework show at sea. But the thing that really makes the night is getting to dress up in a pirate costume and seeing other guests in their costumes.

This is mine and my sister’s pirate costumes. We came up with a vision for our costume then hunted for all the pieces. The scarves came from my Great-Grandmother’s house. Samantha got her shirt on Ebay and her corset on Amazon. I got my shirt at a really cool store, Museum Replicas, and I got my corset at Party City. My pants are actually black skinny jeans I got at JCPenny. Sam’s leggings and both of our boots we already had.

I am very happy with how our costumes turned out. It was exciting to see my vision finally come together after searching for all the different pieces. My costume definitely makes me feel like a pirate.

A Crab, Some Pigeons, Butterflies, and an Iguana

In December, my family and I went on a 7-night Disney Cruise on board the Disney Magic. During our trip, we saw and interacted with many different beautiful animals.

First, we found a crab smaller than my hand on Coco Beach. I’d never seen one just out on a beach before. It was pretty cool.

Coco Beach is also home to lots of seagulls and pigeons. The seagulls can be mean (usually only towards other birds), but they are afraid to get too close to people. Pigeons, however, won’t hurt you, and they aren’t the least bit scared to perch on you if you have food.

Our first port-of-call on the cruise was Key West, FL. We went to the Butterfly Conservatory there. It was beautiful. It was amazing to see so many different butterflies in one place. For me, it was a photography dream come true.

There were places in the conservatory with food for the butterflies. But even with that benefit, it was still a challenge to get the butterflies to stay still long enough for a picture.

Our next port was Grand Cayman. While there, we went Cayman Turtle Farm. They probably had thousands of sea turtles ranging from 7 weeks old all the way up to 65 years old.

This is Sparky. She is 65 years old, which makes her the oldest sea turtle on the farm. She was easy to pick out from all the others because of her distinct white color with black splotches.

My sister, Samantha, and I were excited when we saw a place where we could touch younger sea turtles. We couldn’t believe it when we realized we could actually pick them up out of the water. Being a lover of all animals, Samantha was especially excited.

It only got better when my mom saw that a worker brought out 7-week old sea turtles. They were about the size of my hand. Absolutely adorable. Samantha was in love.

We also stopped in Cozumel, Mexico. A local had a giant iguana that he was letting people hold. It was huge and heavy, but so cool.

And then he told me to kiss it…

…so, I did.

My family and I had a lot of fun on that cruise seeing new places and interacting with a wide variety of animals.