“Rescued” – Poem

As I struggle through life
Fragile and broken
Fighting evil and strife
Lost in this dark world

There is One who holds me
Secure in His arms
And He wants me to see
He won’t let me go

The battle’s already won
I don’t have to fear
Because He is the One
Who rescued my soul

– Meagan Burgess

“Impact” – Poem

I feel like I was kidnapped, taken by surprise
Blindfolded, the breath knocked out of me
Trapped on a plane, someone pushed me out
I’m falling fast, with no parachute to save me
I know eventually, I will hit the ground
I can’t know when, or how badly it will hurt
All I can do is wait, and brace myself for impact

– Meagan Burgess

“Magic of Books” – Poem

Magic of Books Poem - Poetry about Stories






It took just one look, and I fell fast in love

With the magic of books, and the stories that they hold

Even the oldest survive, and live in my heart

The words come alive, and paint pictures in my mind

I can be a sprite, or a pirate, or a queen

While I lie awake all night, slaying dragons from my bed

I’ve traveled the world, from the comforts of my chair

As adventures unfurled, through text on a page

I’ll never tire, of the feeling that I get

When I sit back and admire, the magic of books

– Meagan Burgess