Shooting Pumpkins

My dad and I love shooting guns of all kinds. My favorite is my Glock 17, but I’ll shoot anything I can. I’ve shot Glock 26, 19 and 17, 38 special, 357 magnum, 12 gauge shotgun, 22 rifle, AK-47, Japanese WWII rifle, and M-16 to name a few. My sister, Samantha, doesn’t really like to shoot guns. She prefers her compound bow and her recurve bow. She’s pretty good at it too.

Yesterday, we set up some pumpkins in our backyard and shot them with different sized ammo, and Sam shot with her bow. It was really awesome to see what the different calibers did to the pumpkins. We were hoping for an explosion but never got one. We finally realized it was because pumpkins are hollow. So, when watermelons are back in season, we will be shooting those to get an explosion. In the mean time, we just filled one of the pumpkins with water.

Check out the video of us shooting the pumpkins!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Backlot Tour

Left to right: Me, Savannah, and Sarah

Last time we were at Disney World, we went during the home school days with a family of friends who were also homeschooled. One of the things that made this trip different and special was the Backlot Tour at Hollywood Studios. I’d done it before, but my friends hadn’t.

So, we were in line for the ride. The line started moving as they let people through, and then they stopped it right in front of us. We could not believe we just missed the cut off. It wasn’t a huge deal though. We knew that we’d get on the next one.

While we were waiting, a cast member stepped to the front of the line, right in front of us, and announced that he needed four volunteers over the age of 16. I couldn’t believe it! I thought the cut off age was 18, and I was 16. I shot my hand up, and the guy picked me. Savannah also volunteered even though she didn’t know what she was volunteering for. Then we volunteered Sarah. All three of us were picked, plus another gentleman.

I was so excited! I knew what was going to happen, and I couldn’t wait! Sarah and Savannah on the other hand were freaking out. I didn’t tell them what was going to happen, and neither did the cast members.

They suited us up in boots and these funny blue outfits with hoods. Sarah and Savannah were only more confused.

They took us out and walked us down a long pathway leading to a ship. While a cast member was explaining to the audience what was going on, a different cast member assigned us roles and told us the actions we had to carry out.

Sarah and Savannah heard tons of water crashing down. I told them to just try to ignore it. I don’t think that made them feel any better.

Finally, it was our turn to perform. We acted like we were sailing a ship that was under attack from an air raid and from submarines. A cast member was shouting orders, there were sound effects, and fire and water effects. All while the guest were watching us wave our arms and spin the wheel trying to look like we knew what we were doing. I don’t think we succeeded. We looked pretty funny up there. But that’s all right.

It was so much fun! When everything was said and done, Sarah and Savannah agreed that they enjoyed it too. We didn’t even get too wet!

To see us wave our arms and look silly, check out this video of us performing in the show at the Backlot Tour!